Among its projects, Fundación ProyectArg, has been working for years on a visual problem detection and help program for children and adolescents attending Family Action Centers (FACs) depending on the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (CABA)
FACs offer educational, recreational and sport assistance to children and adolescents from most deprived areas of CABA.
AMA has presented the project “Visión para aprender” to the Direction de Coopération Internationale (DCI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Monaco.
This project was approved and awarded a subsidy for the development of the campaign in 2014.
The goals of the program are:

  • Providing preventive information to parents and teachers.
  • Eye examinations to detect possible vision problems.
  • Delivering glasses to those who need them or arranging referrals to specialized centers in case more complex treatments are required.

Undiagnosed vision problems are one of the causes of school failure in children, and have a strong influence on reading and writing difficulties, as well as on certain social adaptation problems.
With this Collaboration Agreement between AMA and ProyectArg, supported by DCI of Monaco and the City of Buenos Aires, the “Visión para Aprender” project is launched with the goal of improving school performance and a better social inclusion of children and adolescents from most disadvantaged groups.

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