“Visión para aprender” is a joint initiative between AMA and Fundación ProyectArg and its main goal is to detect and solve vision problems of the most deprived social groups children and adolescents in Buenos Aires City. This project mission is to help children and adolescents improve their academic performance, develop their abilities and find their place in the society.

Fundación ProyectArg is a non-profitable organization and its main goal is to contribute to social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, favoring conditions that promote access to education.
AMA has introduced the project Visión para aprender to the Direction de Coopération Internationale (DCI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Monaco, and has got their approval and a subsidy for the campaign in 2014.

The visits made in September to the Family Assistance Centers (FACs) had been very well received. Talks have been given and literature has been delivered to make families and teachers aware of the importance of visual health, early detection and appropriate follow up of each treatment.
Children, parents, family members and staff of each center have collaborated to meet the goals: giving information to families, diagnosing vision problems in children and coordinating the most suitable solution, as appropriate.

Due to Visión para aprender project, most needy children and adolescents in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires could be diagnosed and received their glasses. Thanks to this action it was possible to assist 730 children and adolescents in 6 Assistance Centers, to refer 68 children to specialized ophthalmology centers and to deliver 400 pairs of glasses.
We are happy and proud of Visión para aprender success. The initiative has exceeded our goals and it represents an important step toward one of our main objectives: fighting school failure and helping children build their future.

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