Since 2013, AMA continues working in partnership with CIMIENTOS to strengthen the school trajectories of adolescents at risk.AMA joined the Program, ‘Future Graduates’, in January 2013, to contribute to the support of 4 young students.  

As of today, two are studying secondary school.The reports of activities and results achieved in general, and those related to our ‘godchildren’ in particular, fill us with satisfaction and pride.The scholarship they have received is a reward for their effort and must also teach them how to manage a budget, fulfill their commitments and, therefore, train as responsible adults.  

AMA has met with them several times throughout this trip and has seen the progression and maturity of these two young people.We are very proud of Fatima and Walter and hope you can be an example for other young people.  

Bravo for Foundations and for our graduates !!! 


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