AMA helps and shares the philosophy of MÚSICA POR LA PAZ: music as a universal and accessible meeting point for everyone.

AMA and its benefactors, provide financial assistance so that every child including the poorest ones can integrate MÚSICA POR LA PAZ Choir. Providing them, in this way, the opportunity to develop their musical talents.

MÚSICA POR LA PAZ is a Project run under the direction and guide of the Argentine Maestro José María Sciutto, Rome Opera Choir Conductor.

Its purpose is: on one hand, create a Children’s Choir Conductor Centre, and on the other hand introduce children to Choral Singing as a pedagogical criteria aimed to give them an integral cultural formation.

His dream is to form a “high voice” (that in the future may extend to other countries) under Música por la Paz philosophy, that is, Music as a meeting point universal and accessible for everyone.

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