AMA is looking for solidary people, with ideas and good wishes to be fulfilled.
Through these original hats handmade in Argentina, AMA is raising funds to continue with its solidarity projects.

This is a special action from AMA that will benefit some of the projects that are underway, and that will imply:

  • Supply of medical elements, currently glasses for deprived children
  • Sponsor adolescents so that they can go on and finish their course of studies.
  • School libraries for rural schools.
  • Provision of school supplies, books and educational material to schools in deprived areas.
  • Economic support for the encouragement and development of talented children and adolescents coming from low-income families.

How can I get my OLIVER BONNET?

It is very easy. Send us an e-mail with your personal information and stating which model of Oliver Bonnet you wish to buy and which cause or project you would like to help.
We will contact you shortly in order to arrange your payment method and delivery.
Do you have good wishes? Join us! We need you to make them come true.
Oliver Bonnet will look after and boost your good intentions.

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