Children and adolescents that integrate “Ars Musicalis” Choir conducted by Maestro José María Sciutto, lived a dreamt Monday in Junin City. Last Monday 5th, the open doors of Colon Theatre received the young musicians so that they can know from inside the history, rooms and dome of the theatre. Colon Theatre, located in Buenos Aires city, Argentina, is one of the most important opera theatres in the world, due to its size, acoustic and history. It is considered one of the five best theaters in the world.

A peculiar touch was given by the presence of foreign tourists that with their voices, languages, and characteristics made a concrete contribution to the Colon Theatre universal character. Every choir member and their companions lived the feeling of emotion, joy and enthusiasm. The adventure surpassed their expectations when their dream came true: to sing in the Colon Theatre.

Surprises went on for the young musicians who visited the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, recognized as the most important cultural centre of Argentina and one of the most important ones in Latin America.

In the afternoon they enjoyed outdoors in Parque Micaela Bastidas located in the area of Puerto Madero. Once again amazement appeared in the eyes and smiles of the children, and magic became the main character in the park. Children, adolescents, their families and companions closed the day with an attractive magic show.

A different Monday where culture, nature and magic charm together with the group happiness and spontaneity make up a mosaic that will certainly seal their training as future professionals.

The Asociación Música por la Paz thanks in particular the constant support of AMA that promotes initiatives oriented to childhood and the teacher Graciela Rudis and the Association members collaboration: Ana Castrillon Mulvihill and Rodolfo Vergara and each of their family members and friends that cooperated in this project who take as their premise the music as a universal and accessible for everyone meeting point.

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